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22 de novembro de 2004

Assim? Vão mas é combater a pedofilia assim para o c. que vos f. a todos


we wish to inform you that the following internet site/s hosted on your server/network were marked out as containing pedophiliac material ( links/promo for pedo site/s)



(spammed blog)

Thank you in advance for your co-operation.

Recebi isto. Respondi e reparem que tomei dois xanax ANTES, ou teria sido violento.

Two links? Yeah, right! Daily I have about 900 spam comments in my blogs and 200 mails in my personnal mail account.

If you know / have some form ou way to reduce them and fight them, then I’ll be glad to hear. But just reporting? Yeah… My MT-Blacklist does it better: it DOES eliminate those spam comments and prevent others.It blocked (prevented) 76 comments in the last month – that’s more than you report in, well, a year?

Thanks anyway.


PS: Two links?!? Rethink yor strategy, maybe? you don’t go anyhere fighting pedophilia like that. Are you REALLY fighting pedophilia ?

Não dou o mail do atrasado mental nem o link do site dele. Fui lá e desconfio que não passa de um site pedófilo mascarado. Só digo que é italiano e tem todo o ar de ser sustentado por dinheiros públicos.

E sim, apaguei os dois spams que ele apontava neste blogue. Ambos no arquivo morto de 2003. Uáu!