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3 de julho de 2008


Recomendações de leitura para hoje. ≈ Tony Hayward, da BP, refere ser “um mito” falar da especulação como causa da alta dos preços e Jeroen Van Der Veer, da Shell, sublinha que o problema está nos “fundamentais”: “O petróleo fácil é muito limitado. Muito do novo petróleo será difícil”. Duelo em Madrid sobre o que incendeia o preço do barril

≈ A lot of journalism seems to be ego driven. Some journalists report on what they want to cover, in the mediums they want to report in. It has very little to do with what people actually want. » I’m not a storyteller — I’m an information provider | The Journalism Iconoclast

≈ The translation is pretty good. You can take a Chinese web page and at least get a sense of what it means in English. Yet, as the head of research at Google once boasted to me, “Not one person who worked on the Chinese translator spoke Chinese.” The Google Way of Science , Kevin Kelly