Paulo Querido. Na Internet desde 1989

29 de outubro de 2008

Não arranhámos, sequer, a superfície das receitas de publicidade online

Ironically, of course, those jobs will vanish anyway. As I wrote in June, I think the newspaper-company ships are doomed to sink, and individual journalists will have to find their own individual lifeboats and routes to shore. The sooner they start, the better“.

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ELSEWHERE: Mark Potts thinks “Newspapers haven’t even scratched the surface on potential online advertising revenue” and an exclusively online operation could rake in more money. I don’t know; I’ve been there, done that, and it’s not so easy. Alan Mutter says the magic multiple is 3 – newspapers would have to triple their current online revenue to break even“. Jornalistas e interessados, lede pela vossa saúde este artigo de Scott Rosenberg.