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9 de outubro de 2005

SÍNDROMA DA FALSA AUTORIDADE. Eis o que encontrei de mais adequado para descrever o que por aí vai na blogosfera quanto a vários assuntos relativos a vários poderes. Um banho de humildade aguarda-se a qualquer momento… NOT!

«The U.S. Air Force highlights the concept of False Authority Syndrome in Tongue & Quill, their official publication on effective writing:

Definition: In a word…

ultracrepidarian: (n., adj.) a person who gives opinions beyond his scope of knowledge.

“Nonexpert opinion or assumed authority — Don’t be swayed (or try to sway someone else) based on the opinion of an unqualified authority. The Air Force is chock-full of people who, because of their position or authority in one field, are quoted on subjects in other fields for which they have limited or no experience.”

(As this Air Force publication notes, False Authority Syndrome can attack people in all fields of expertise.)»

Não percam também isto.