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1 de novembro de 2007

The importance of the anchor text

Last April Google has downgraded the relevance of the anchor text and after the last changes in the PageRank algorithm nobody knows anymore what’s the importance of the anchor text. Has it increased? Has it diminished? With Google one never knows…

But online editing has to do with a lot more than Google. To put on top of the author’s priority list the search engine optimization techniques is not the best idea. But the best we can do is to concentrate on the task of writing for an audience — a human one –, using all editing techniques the same way we use the keyboard and the mouse: with naturality.

More information about the anchor text and how it can be used is available at Allinanchor, where Michael has posted a nice and clear definition.

I smile when I hear people talking about hypertext fundamentals as being optimization techniques. Anchor text, for instance, is used since Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web and its correct use is as important as writing a clean and mistake-free text. It was already a best practice before the search engine exists )

It is very useful that blogs in the internet marketing niche, like Allinanchor, educate authors in this practices, specially the newbies and those who discovered the World Wide Web in the last couple years. In Portugal we have a lot of bloggers who don’t know basic stuff like building a link with the proper code and anchor text!

(A pedido de várias famílias, redigi uma versão em Inglês do post anterior — que despertou grande interesse aquem e além mar. )

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