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9 de março de 2010

Social networks, what dreams are made of (The New Dork)

Este video começou há minutos a dar a volta ao mundo. Num Techcrunch/Mashable/Huffington Post perto de si (e depois de amanhã num jornal português e, quem sabe, sexta feira num rodapé da SIC). “You should follow me, cuz I’m friends with Ashton“.

Crédito: Grasshopper

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Now Im in the blogosphere, Now I’m in the twitterverse

Fans get so immersed, But I’m a nerd forever

I’m the new Zuckerberg, And since my website

I been cookin dough like a chef servin killa-bytes

Used to be the basement, Back at my mom’s place

Buildin web traffic so that we could sell an ad space

Make way for the, One man businesses

Bail outs finished with, White collar criminals

New sega genesis, Entrepreneur time

Makin big plans, To dominate the online

Yeah, I’m on YouTube, this is one man

Sharin’ google revenue, With songs on my webcam

Science is the new art, Databases day to day

Geeks spreadin’ sheet smarts, Hustle, make the data pay

I could be in Valleywag plus Geekologie

Tell from my avatar, That I’m most definitely

The New Dork,

Social networks – what dreams are made of, There’s nothing you can’t do

Now you’re the New Dork

This V.C. money is brand new, The geek is now damn cool

Let’s hear it for new dorks, new dorks, new dorks

Catch me up in Techcrunch, Right on the homepage

Hell, I’m on Gizmodo, In a photo bout a phone craze

And Im up in Mashable, weekend trip to New York

Bar pitty, 1oak, parties full of New Dorks

Now I’m pitchin business plans, From the backs of napkans

Micro-lend to Africans, Monetize Kazakastan

Catch me up on linked-in, Dog, C.E.O.

You can see where I be, With the I.P.O.

Now I’m up in skinny jeans, Now a hipster’s lurkin’

Used to be a reject, But now I’m steady jerkin’

Now my glasses mainstream, Now the girlies eyein me

Popular kids copy me, The new swag is irony

Comin’ from the small time, Girls couldn’t find me

Now I scale models, Like I climb on top of Heidi

Start big trends, with tweets that I pass on

You should follow me, cuz I’m friends with Ashton